Eastridge Parent Involvement Policy 2015-2016



 Eastridge Parent Involvement Policy



Statement of Purpose

Amarillo ISD is committed to educating one child at a time through a partnership between school, family, and community. Eastridge Elementary strives to maintain a safe and productive environment for all students. Parental support for the students and for the school is critical to our children’s success. We believe it is of the utmost importance that we challenge children to learn and to develop a love of learning. Each student will benefit from the supportive and active dedication of all faculty members. The strongest possible link between home and school will create the best conditions for every child to reach his or her fullest potential. All students will be expected to work toward mastering these objectives. Our school recognizes the fact that some students may need extra assistance to achieve their full potential. We will provide support through Title I programs and other educational services as needed. Eastridge Elementary will work diligently to include parents in all aspects of the Title 1 Program at our school.

Policy / Program Development

An advisory committee comprised of parents, members of the community, teachers, the parent liaison, and administrators will meet to discuss the design, implementation, and/or revision of our Parent Involvement Policy. These meetings will be planned at convenient times and locations for all concerned members.

Needs assessments will be conducted (i.e. surveys, questionnaires, meeting evaluations, etc.) and parental input will be solicited through various means throughout the school year, and this information will be used to make any needed policy revisions.


     Meetings for Title I Parents

Parents will receive important information concerning their child’s academic requirements, Title I information, the school’s current Parent Involvement Policy, and any other information that would benefit the home and school partnership.

Meetings will be held at Eastridge at convenient times during the school year. Language translation will be provided to ensure parent participation and attendance. Written notices and telephone calls will all be directed at attracting as many parents as possible.


As indicated throughout the various areas of our policy, continuous assessment of the policy and its components will be conducted annually through input from staff, students, and parents.




Home-School Compact

In accordance with Title I regulations, our school has developed and will continue to review and revise as needed a Home-School Compact with the parents and students of Eastridge Elementary. The compact will further enable the school and parents to share responsibility for student performance and success.

The compact will explain how students, parents, and school faculty will share the responsibility for promoting student achievement. The Parent Advisory Committee along with other parents and students will be involved in the development and/or revision of the compact.

All parents will be given a copy of the compact detailing the areas of responsibility that the school, student, and family will have in helping the student reach their goals. These will be reviewed with parents. Parents are encouraged to discuss the contents of the compact with their family members and sign it together.


Types of Parent Involvement

Eastridge will support a continuum of parental involvement opportunities suited to meet the individual needs of everyone involved as it strives to establish and nurture an optimum learning partnership with parents. A Parent Resource Library has been established to provide parenting information across a broad subject area. Items are available for viewing through the parent liaison. The Parent Meetings along with the Information Bulletin Board and School Website are designed to keep parents informed about school, academic requirements, upcoming events, parenting classes, adult educational opportunities, and other important information throughout the school year. Our liaison will prepare the monthly meeting agendas according to need and keep the bulletin board and webpage information current. She will also be a resource contact for Parent Assistance Programs that can be made available to any families in need of special assistance for needs that cannot be met at school. Parents will have the opportunity for more direct involvement at school through our Parent Volunteer program. Our liaison will coordinate this program according to classroom need and parent strengths. Besides the less formal means of contact with parents through their child’s classroom teacher(s), a formal Parent Conference will be held during the school year as needed. Parent Participation is always encouraged at Eastridge. Parents are invited to the student’s extracurricular activities. Activities include basketball, track, and soccer that are put together by Eastridge staff and held after school.



Developing and maintaining strong lines of communication between home and school is a vital component of the Eastridge Title I Program. Newsletters, school calendar, meeting dates, conferences, phone calls, e-mails, information on the school website, written notices, a parental information bulletin board, and our parent liaison will all be utilized to strengthen these lines of communication. The campus will assess the effectiveness of current communication practices and revise as needed.



Questions or concerns please contact Taryl Ramirez 806-326-4312 or email

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